About us

We have existed since 2003. Although we are characterized by a traditional approach to the product, we are also open to modern technologies. We follow innovative solutions on an ongoing basis, but nonetheless, we focus on the accuracy and quality of production. It is said that the time of existence on the market is very important and it can say a lot about the company, and we already have 15 years of activity behind us. That’s why it’s worth trusting us. That is why our products have guaranteed the success of the Anneloes brand.

Employees are an important element of our business. Our principles support a strong employee culture and allow to care for the right working environment. People who work for us and with us share values and respect the company’s mission, so we can be sure that our products are perfect. It is a team of well-trained people whose potential allows us to achieve the set goals, and the professionalism, commitment, and skills at a high level are a guarantee of high-class products for Customers.

Quality is a detail

Cooperation with us is a guarantee of timely execution of the order. A right team, proper order management, and a permanent group of subcontractors make it possible.

Quality is time

Time pressure has a bad influence on the actions. The individual production allows a great comfort in terms of time, and a quiet production process guarantees avoiding mistakes and timely execution of the order.

Quality is respect for people

We care for good quality of relationships both within the company - between our employees, as well as for external relations - with suppliers and customers. Excellent proof of this is a permanent group of subcontractors and customers who recommend us as a reliable company.

Quality is humility

We know perfectly that the guarantee of success is hearing voices from outside and responding appropriately. Consultations with clients allow us to develop the quality of our services - we modernize them, improve them, introduce solutions that will be better for the company and the given order.

Quality is technology

The development of technology allows the execution of individual production stages with even greater precision, but also often allows to reduce the use of materials, level production costs and act in accordance with ecological requirements.


We have a permanent group of sewing companies and subcontractors which gives us the opportunity to increase the processing capacity if more orders or a one-off large order happens.

IRBC Quality Certificate

We have obtained the IRBC Agreements Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile quality certificate, which aims to improve working conditions, prevent environmental pollution and promote good living conditions of animals.