We offer services in the field of clothing production.

Among others we sew: jackets, pants, dresses, skirts, coats, blouses. We specialize in the production of women’s clothing, but we do not close ourselves to the possibility of producing men’s clothing.

We sew mainly according to our own patterns, but we can also use the provided patterns.

We offer comprehensive production services, we deliver a finished product.

After receiving the design, our experienced employees skilfully transfer any vision of the designer to paper or to a computer program. That is how a structure is created. Then a prototype is sewn according to the resulting patterns, which must undergo the process of measuring and quality control so that the production can be started after acceptance.

We also grade sizes.

We use the bonding technology, that is joining the material – we have a few machines which, instead of stitching together two pieces of material, bind them together with the help of an adhesive or a layer of adhesive tape. This technology produces clothes that have no seams, the fabric is smooth, more flexible and more comfortable in contact with the body.

We have an extensive machine park:

    • Sewing machines
    • Overlock machines
  • Double needle machines
  • Coverlock machines
  • Blind stitch machine
  • Autolap machine
  • Prong pearl attaching machine
  • Industrial and clothing button hole punching and sewing machine
  • Bonding machines
  • Thermal transfer press (machine for applique sticking)
  • Rubber coating machine (possibility of sewing stripes on trousers)
  • Hemstitch machine